What is DropNote?

Get more than ever out of your smart phone. DropNote allows for instant communication with others around you. We are the phone book for the 21st century. Unlike other social platforms that are built for friend list building, we are built for you and your interests. Discover your community and others in it who share your passions and interest.

DropNote works to connect you with people on a local level based on your interests.

Users are able to create and join community hot spots around their city to communicate and discover events and topics that relate directly to them.  With DropNote it’s easy to organize and connect with people around you that share your interests. Create neighborhood watch for people on your block, find others in the community who play the same online games as you. Organize a pickup game of basketball or discover new restaurants around you based on your current location.

DropNote is revolutionary in the way people communicate.  It’s like text messaging 2.0. The only hold back is a users imagination in what community they can build.

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