The Ledge Screen

Discover Ledges in Your Area

Scroll or Search for topic that interests you. Use the distance slider view Ledges that are closer or further out. Remember that LocalLedge is meant just for local use so you are communicating with people normally in a 20 miles range from where you are at.  It can be extended to 500 miles for the moment.

Chat in Real Time

Inside a Ledge

Instantly join any public conversation and connect with those around you at specific events, in just your dorm, your block, your city.  You only enter into conversation you want to be part of.  Starting your Own Ledge gives you the ability to ban and kick users.  You can also create private Ledges that no-body can see and invite just your friends for the group chat.  This is perfect for forming Class groups to study, office groups, neighborhood watches and countless others.  Any time 2 people want to carry on a conversation at the local level.

Creating A Ledge

Power with Simplicity

When you create your Ledge AKA Message   Board, you have some quick and simple options. Choose The Ledge Distance   so you can communicate with people closer or further away from you.    Checking the “Within Radius Only” box locks your Ledge so only people   within your chosen distance can see the Ledge created.  Think just your   dorm, school, office, block.

The 3 P’s

The 3 P’s combined with radius settings make LocalLedge the most powerful hyper local messaging app on the market.  You can create Public, Private   and Protected Ledges.  This means you can create a private Ledge that   the public can not see on The Ledge screen.  You can invite people into   your private group chat.  Protected Ledges show on The Ledge screen but   nobody can join till after they request access and you grant them   access.

People Behind LocalLedge

LocalLedge believes that having a conversation locally makes for a more meaningful and fulfilling chat.

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