LocalLedge helps businesses increase sales by advertising to smart phones users around the store front to drive customers into the store.  We also have a customer loyalty program that allows business to re-engage with customers to keep them coming back again and again.

LocalLedge is in Beta and allowing select companies that are willing to work with us and offer feedback into our advertising platform.

We are revolutionizing how you connect and communicate with your customers on a local level.

Here Are Some Of The Details

  • Ability to Create a Dynamic Webportal that is branded around your business
  • List daily specials and events going on so customers can easily see why they should head your way
  • Re-engage With Customers to keep them coming back for me
  • Offer 1 time special deals to new customers to get them to subscribe to your business Ledge

If you are interested in being able to reach smart phone users who live and work around your business then feel free to reach out and apply to our beta advertising platform.  We can only accept those who are willing to commit for 6 months and provide monthly if not weekly feedback.




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