Staff Communication Tool

LocalLedge can be a very powerful business communication tool for communication between staff.

We put this video together to help you better understand how to setup a Private Ledge for Business Use

You have the ability to create a Private Ledge in a specified location.  A Ledge is simply a communication board that others can interact on and share messages, video and pictures.

Once a Ledge has been created you can send out invites to others and have them join that private Ledge.  Now everyone can easily communicate all at once in real time.

There is no limit to how many Ledges can be created so you can create one for the office,  for field technicians or specific branches.

When a new message is posted to a Ledge all subscribers will get a notification of the new message.  We use stacked notifications so phones will only be notified once of a new message that comes in so they will not be constantly bothered.

The ability to coordinate in real time with multiple people is very powerful and allows for everyone to stay in the know.

Private Ledges never expire.  Public and protected Ledges are viewable on The Ledge screen and those expire after 72 hours of inactivity.  The reason private Ledges never expire is because they are used privately and have no need to expire.

Managing Your Ledge

Managing a private Ledge is very simple.  At any time you can see a list of current subscribers and the owner(s) of that Ledge have the ability to kick and ban people from the private Ledge.  As an owner you also have the ability to remove and delete any messages as well as the ability to assign multiple Ledge owners for other people to help manage the private group.

Download LocalLedge for free on iOS and Android today.

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