Calling All FeedBack!

Make LocalLedge your own by giving us feedback.

Here is your chance to get feature requests built into the app.  Tell us how you are using the app and what we need to do to make the app better for you and your community.  We read every comment and when applicable we will reach out if we need a better understanding of what you are asking us to do.

Don’t forget to give us a rating in the App store.  We can use all the help we can get and an up vote goes a long ways.


  1. Tiger

    I want give some tips for improvement UX/UI of your Android application:
    1) to use icons with better quality – really not the best feels to see low quality of icons.
    2) Button plus on my phone LG G2, stay at same place even when progress bar of distance in bottom is invisible, it is not nice, better will be put his down.
    3) When I change room, for example from Chat to Banned, and after that I’m back to Chat, messages that were before aren’t shown, seems app downloads them from server – it is bad UX, much better to cache messages and show them immediately, and update in async thread.
    4) Generally, nice app, not sure you are used in services of UX/UI Professional, but if you are not, I highly recommend to do it.
    It is all, Thanks, and Good Luck =)

    1. jerdei

      Thanks for the feedback.

      We have a new UX/UI interface coming out in the next week that does address some of the issues you mentioned. For issue 3. I understand where you are coming from but due to how the app pushes messages out and the owners ability to easily delete users and ban/kick users in real time we have everything server based. This also cut’s down on the phone being bogged down with pictures and video. Still very valid points and something we are constantly taking a look at.

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