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How to Create A Ledge

How To Edit a Ledge

How to Share Your Ledge

Subscribe: Hit the Start button to subscribe to a Ledge.  This will provide notifications of new messages to that Ledge.

Change Your Screen Name:  You can change your screen name at any time and unlimited times.  This helps to keep you anonymous.


Lock Ledge:  You can lock your Ledge so only people inside the distance set can view and interact.


Delete Messages:  Owners can delete any message in a Ledge.  Users can delete their own messages.

Ban / Kick:  Kick boots a person for 30 minutes.  Ban – bans the person permanently from your Ledge unless you remove the ban.

Private Ledges: Private Ledges are hidden Ledges.  You can share the link with others so they can find it our search the Exact Ledge name to discover the private Ledge.  Users have to request access to Ledge and then granted access by owner.

Switch between Private / Public / Protected:  At anytime you can move a Ledge into a different privacy mode.

Multiple Ledge Owners:  You can grant other subscribers owner privileges so they can delete message,ban,kick accept new subscribers in private and protected Ledges.

Tags: When creating a ledge add in search tags to make it easy for people to search and discover your Ledge

Report Ledges:  If you see a Ledge that is breaking the Terms of Service and just being all around mean or rude then please report that Ledge.  We take all reports seriously and have a real-time monitoring platform that notifies us of new complaints.  We will as quickly as possible address the issue if it’s a valid complaint.  Keep in mind we respect free speech but not hate speech.

Report Users:  Before banning / kicking a user you should report mean people.  Our backend logs these reports and we see the message the user posted that was reported.  In time we can band users phones so they can no longer user the app on their current devices.  This is the best way for us to mange abusers but we need your help to do so.

Ledge Expiration:  Public and Protected Ledges expire after 72 hours of no new posting.  Post a new message to keep it alive or edit the Ledge and make private.  Private Ledges do not Expire.

Common Questions

Why when I set the radius on The Ledge do I see all these ledges in 1 mile? 

Shrinking your radius will eliminate any Ledge that is not broadcasting out within your location.  If a user 5 miles away creates a Ledge that is 20 miles out you can have a distance of ZERO and still see that Ledge because it’s in your Broadcast Range.

Why No Social Profiles?

LocalLedge is a semi anonymous app.  That means we do not try in personal information such as profiles into the app at this time.  We want you to be able to freely share ideas and thoughts with out having to be stigmatized for voicing your opinion or sharing personal stories and problems.

Can I send a Message to All LocalLedge users in my Area?

You can create a Ledge and post you message in there.  This Ledge if public will be seen by LocalLedge users when they open the app.  It’s up to each user if they want to join in and talk.

No Users in My Area?

Don’t take it personal.  It takes time to build up a user base.  You can extend your range and jump into other conversations even if they are not right in your area.  We are constantly working on building the user base but keep in mind we are not a billion dollar company and advertising costs money.  Feel free to invite a few friends in the app to help get things going in your area.



  1. Firin

    Can I connect my minecraft and terraria with this app? So I can play online?

    1. jerdei

      LocalLedge is a communication app for connecting locally. You can start a Ledge on any topic you want and others around you can view and engage in that topic.

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